List of Latest Malayalam Movies in 2021

List of Latest Malayalam Movies in 2021

List of Latest Malayalam Movies in 2021: Mollywood has almost four deliveries per week, so you could figure the number of motion pictures being created each year. Time is so valuable and why squander it surfing to get a rundown of the best films of the year. This segment will treat you with top-of-the-line Malayalam motion pictures. So why burn through your time, when you could get simple admittance to a curated list? This fastidiously refreshed area will give you an understanding of the first-class Malayalam motion pictures of the year,


‘Njanentha cheyyande, nirthan pattande?’ Murali asks defenselessly when his mom curses him for the disgrace he has brought to the family after a tussle at a family work. His liquor use issue is influencing him, however, his family and everybody identified with him. He is essentially a decent individual and a decent Samaritan, yet all that he does winds up severely because of his unfortunate liquor use. The Prajeesh Sen executive, set in Kannur, investigates substance use battles and the interaction of recuperation in a sensible way. The story, in light of the existence of one of the makers of the film.

Kho Kho

Phantoms of the past frequent a previous competitor who acknowledges the work of a PT educator in a young lady’s school to rescue her group of a monetary emergency. She finds the round of kho-kho and a lot of capable young ladies. There and through their attempts to accomplish vicariously what she, at the end of the day, couldn’t in her profession. An unglamorous game that in some way or another got slung to the National Games; what could compare to chess where abilities and procedure matter so a lot. If, not more than, physicality and muscle power.


Great police shows and examinations are continually grasping; Nayattu adds layers to this by making three common cops the offenders for a situation and furthermore uncovering their own accounts and the cost it takes on their lives. Similarly, Praveen Michael (Kunchacko Boban) joins the police recently as a CPO. A neighborhood political thug, identified with another CPO, Sunitha, played by Nimisha Sajayan, is gathered at the station. The hooligan is a miscreant, as a Dalit party laborer, particularly when the decisions are on. Michael and inconsistent senior police officer Maniyan get into a fight with the thug and toss him into the phone, when an aggravated station CI, who took steps to keep the hooligan in the lock-up for a half year, gets a call from the SP requesting to allow him to out.

Aanum Pennum

A collection of anecdotes about man-lady connections, implying not so unpretentiously that man has might, while the lady has the psyche. Regardless of being a little and very close industry, Malayalam film has so far seen simply a small bunch of compilations. Moreover, there have been fewer films that have continuously examined the legislative issues of the sexual orientation doubles. All around, Aanum Pennum would tally among this conversation. The three stories in the collection are that of Savithri, Rachiyammma, and Rani.


The existence of Shaji, a laid-back adolescent, flips around when somebody from his past visits him. Childishness isn’t living as one wishes to live, it is requesting that others live as one wishes to live. Kala, coordinated by Rohith V S, starts with this statement by Oscar Wilde. The film’s story gets spread out in the wild, where Shaji (Tovino Thomas) and his family live. Their principal kind of revenue is cultivating and no one aside from Shaji’s family members and everyday wage laborers visits the spot. At some point, a little gathering of workers arrives at their place to collect areca nut, and one among them has a mission.


Undergrad Raziya has one wish to satisfy before her understudy. Life closes to present the Islamic call to supplication, once more. Typically, universal powers spring up to quiet her. What happens then, at that point? Testing a strict no-no will be no cakewalk in our general public. When a character, particularly a female hero, does it’s anything but a film. It’s anything but a decent figure of speech for an exciting watch directly at the beginning. Vaanku, coordinated by debutant Kavya Prakash. Is the narrative of a young lady who causes some serious problems with an irregular interpretation of once more, the Islamic call for the petition. Raziya (Anaswara Rajan) is a brilliant understudy and is a potential college rank holder.


Five-star Judicial Magistrate John Baby experiences post-awful pressure. At some point, a companion informs him regarding a kid who describes murder stories that convey genuine components. Inquisitive, John chooses to meet the kid. Grant-winning movie supervisor Appu N Bhattathiri’s introduction executive Nizhal, featuring Kunchacko Boban and Nayanthara, starts with a mishap including John Baby, who is a First Class Judicial Magistrate. The occurrence ingrains post-awful pressure in him, which follows him like a shadow.

Anugraheethan Antony

Antony is the solitary child of a teacher. As indicated by his dad, Antony is a disappointment. Antony’s life gets another significance in the wake of meeting Sanjana, his first love. In any case, life has some different designs for him. Introduction chief Prince Joy’s dream show Anugraheethan Antony investigates the complexities and surprising nature of life and connections. The story occurs in a town where Antony, played by Sunny Wayne, lives with his dad, ordered by Siddique. A languid and random youth, no one in the town, with the exception of his companions, has a decent assessment of him. As his dad trusts Antony is a deadbeat individual. He purchases two canines and brings up them as his youngsters.


Shirley and Roy, a Malayali couple based out of Mumbai, leaves for Kerala for a one-month excursion with her father. After they contact her local spot, lockdown strikes. Furthermore, the circumstance unfurls some terrible realities from before. ‘Aarkkariyam’ is clearly the aftereffect of such an endeavor and the film, set during the lockdown offers a small bunch of memory depictions from the time, arranging Janata check-in time, line impeding, local area kitchens, and the sky is the limit from there.


The film spins around an emergency handled by Kerala’s Chief Minister, who is a man of goals. Each elector has an optimal Chief Minister at the top of the priority list. The film One, coordinated by Santhosh Viswanath and composed by Bobby-Sanjay, endeavors to paint that hopeful picture on the screen. Kadakkal Chandran, established by Mammotty, is a legislator of qualities. At some point, as a feature of his medical clinic visit, the environmental factors are impeded by the police. In any case, Sanal, a resident played by Mathew Thomas, attempts to sneak in. It further prompts strain between the police and him, and Sanal gets injured. Fomented, he sets up a post via online media, which acquires a foothold.

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