Prithviraj Sukumaran’s kuruthi Movie Official Teaser and Poster News

Kuruthi had an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language socio-political thriller movie. It’s directed by Manu Warrier, written by Anish Pallyal. The film was produced by Supriya Menon through the organization Prithviraj Productions. The actors are Prithviraj Sukumaran and highlight Murali Gopi, Roshan Mathew, Shine Tom Chacko, and Srindaa in supporting roles. Jakes Bejoy made the first melodies and background score. The movie has its screenplay written by Anish Pallyal and cinematography by Abinandhan Ramanujam. Here you can find Prithviraj Sukumaran’s kuruthi movie official teaser and poster news.

Movie poster

Putting an end to the long wait, the Prithviraj Sukumaran the release date of Kuruthi on Friday. The film actor took to Twitter to declare that the Kuruthi film is scheduled for theatrical release on May 13, and shared an intriguing poster from the film. Earlier, on April 14, the creators of Kuruthi had unveiled a new poster from this film, and wishing fans on the celebration of Vishu.

kuruthi Movie Official Teaser

The teaser of the film directed by Manu Warrier introduces us to the characters and subject of the Surpiya Menon production venture. When the secret starts, we hear a voice-over that explains. How the life of some people revolves around to revenge and rage. A sparkle of disdain is all you need to touch off a seething fire. As the fire rages, we continue to hate to ensure it won’t ever pass on. we fool ourselves into accepting we have won and burned to death in exactly the same fire, the narrator says.

In the middle, we additionally see words like A pledge to kill. A vow to ensure including on the screen yet the mystery gives no obvious sign of who is the executioner and who is the defender. In any case, soon Prithviraj goes ahead the screen and says, I am correct. You are correct. What we are doing today is correct. The secret is serious and desires the watchers to realize what will occur straightaway. The thrill ride appears as though an edge-of-the-seat insight. The teaser got a good response from the audience and the teaser reached 8.6 million views on youtube.

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Movie Story

The movie was released on August 12 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Laiq(Prithviraj) is on the race to weapon down a killed man his dad. Things get genuine when Laiq will confront Ibru (Roshan Mathew), his dad (Mamukkoya), sibling (Naslen), and neighbor (Srindha). Who are these people? What is their association with the story and how might Laiq handle them is the tale of the film.

Movie Review

Prithviraj’s acting manner in which he goes about his role and creates an intimidation factor in the film looks so good. Prithviraj is the surprise package of the film and he will impress you big time. Another major asset of the movie is Roshan Mathew. The way he manages his life, the people around him, and his religious beliefs have been showcased so well in the film. The young actor is also terrific as the man who is going through his own turmoil in life. Mamukkoya also has a very good role in the film. The writing is good as the psychological thriller has good moments that keep you engaged.

on the whole, kurthi is a psychological thriller that has a good backdrop. Prithviraj and Roshan Mathew kill their standout performance. The movie gets diverted by religion and politics.

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